28 Jun 2019

Hi Henry

I am just writing to tell you how happy we are with our backyard addition and how much we enjoy it! When we first decided to get Aace to do our work, we were just going to do the screen room and deck. You had suggested at the time, to cover the whole back of the house and I am so glad we listened to you. Russ loves to BBQ, and he can be out there any day of the week or time and know that he is not affected by the elements, rain or snow. We love to entertain a lot and that has been instrumental in not having to cancel outdoor plans. (especially with the rain we have had of late). It has also kept the screen room shaded as well as cooler by blocking the hot noonday sun from beating down on it. We Love the covered deck!!! I can’t imagine what it would be like if left open. We wouldn’t get half as much use out of it.

How many times we have come to appreciate your input in our plans, I do not know. I do know that we are glad we listened to your experience and knowledge because we are reaping the benefits.

I know this is our second summer with it, but it still feels like new.

Thank you