How It’s Built

Craft-Bilt’s decking system is a heavy gauge extruded aluminum product.
Extrusions are made by forcing heated aluminum under hundreds of tons of pressure through a special custom made die. The resulting shapes can be quite intricate and follow close tolerances. Different alloys and tempers are available depending on the strength required.

Aace Home Improvements Aluminum Decking

Our decking is made from one of the strongest alloys available: 6005-T6. Testing by Trow Associates has shown that the 1″ x 6″ boards can sustain 1085 pounds per square foot on 24″ centers!

Before considering an aluminum deck board supplier, check the wall thickness of the product. The thinner the wall, the less they can sell it for.

Aace - maintenance-free-decking-material

Craft-Bilt’s Waterproof Aluminum Decking has passed the ASTM B117 salt fog spray test

The recognized body for aluminum paint finish standards is the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA).

Our Super-Durable exterior powder coat finish exceeds most of the specifications of the highest AAMA standard, 2605, and fully meets the AAMA 2604 quality standard. Compare these statistics to other aluminum deck board manufacturers who only paint to AAMA 2603. The AAMA 2605 specification includes chemical resistance, fading, gloss retention, 4000 hour salt spray and many other properties.


Craft-Bilt waterproof decking has also been tested against common household spills such as ketchup, mustard and beer with no change after four weeks of exposure. Although we only recommend detergent and water to clean the decking, we’ve further proven its durability by testing against harsher cleaners. Refer to the documents in the resources area for more information.

The chemicals in pressure treated lumber can be corrosive towards aluminum. Un-treated lumber is typically all you need when using Craft-Bilt decking, since no moisture will come into contact with the joists. Feel secure when installing Craft-Bilt waterproof decking knowing that it has passed the ASTM B117 salt fog spray test on the most corrosive ACQ pressure treatment formulation.

Our coating is formulated with a coarse additive to achieve high anti-slip properties. While everything is done to control these additives in the powder manufacturing and application processes, variations in colour can occur due to variables such as lighting, angle of viewing and the size, concentration and orientation of these coarse particles.

Railing System

Aace-Aluminum-Railing Leamington

The beauty of Craft-Bilt Structural Railing is in its clean lines. There are no protruding splicers or couplings, everything is flush and smooth. The modern, substantive appearance will add value and “curb appeal” to your property.

Craft-Bilt Maintenance Free Aluminum Railing eliminates the hassle of painting or staining. Never again worry about orange, rusting wrought iron or that rotting, loose wood. (A splinter from pressure treated wood is a good source of vitamin arsenic). Worried about expansion, contraction, fading or cracking associated with plastic (pvc) and pvc composite products? You should be.

Aluminum is used in commercial buildings, aircraft, aerospace and many other critical applications for its strength, exact tolerance and maintenance-free properties. This is not the aluminum railing you see at your lumber store. Craft-Bilt Structural Railing is designed to meet the national and provincial building codes.

Craft-Bilt’s post caps, wall brackets and unique post bracket covers are made from CNC machined or die-cast aluminum… not plastic. Look closely… all the screws are hidden from view!

Aace Residential Aluminum Railing Essex County

Beautifully Designed Craft-Bilt Structural Railing can be Utilized in Various Places


  • Backyard Decks
  • Front Porches
  • Around Pools
  • Balcony Railing
  • Privacy Panel
  • Balcony Divider
  • Boat House Railing
  • Cottages
  • Stairs inside and outside
  • Handicap Ramp Railing
  • Aluminum Fencing
  • Juliet Balcony Railing


  • Condominium Railing
  • Entryway
  • Handicap Ramps
  • Divider Fence
  • Store Entrance
  • Hotel / Campground Pool Fence
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Wind Screen for Out Door Patios